PCT Hikers

Mile 1407.2 – Hikers would often greet each other from our porch with “Welcome to Paradise…” Cell coverage before and after the Ranch is spotty. Catch up with your calls, your blog, recharge your devices, refresh your body and spirit… We see many Hikers arrive dragging and leave with a fresh spring in their step. Many hikers have another pair of shoes shipped here, the lava rock in the Cascades chews up shoes pretty quick.

We hear two different versions of the rim: It was brutal or it was amazing. The difference seems to be related to two things: fatigue and heat. We can’t help the heat, but we can help you refresh before continuing on. Whether you are stopping for a quickshade break or full services, you are welcome at the Ranch. We live on site, so if you are coming in the off season, give us a heads up and we will be sure to be available. Even without a heads up, we can put together a hot meal for you.

NOBOs: Just after the dry, exposed Hat Creek Rim section of the PCT, NOBOs find this a great spot to refresh before continuing on to Burney Falls. We are a resupply spot, and hikers can ship packages to the Ranch. We hold them until Late October unless notified otherwise. Please mark an anticipated ETA on your package, but if you flip, your package will still be here.

SOBO’s: stop for a hot meal and a recharge before attacking the rim. It is possible to do the rim in a day, and we are a perfect spot to begin that venture.

We are in the process of improving services for 2017 PCT Hikers. We are 8.3 miles from Burney Falls and 3 miles from Baum Lake.  We offer full resupply, (including fuel canisters), and offer showers, laundry facilities, overnight accommodations, wifi, computer, phone charging, hot meals, cold drinks and ice cream.

SOBO: shortly after you cross 299, you will cross a red driveway on a hill – we have a sign there directing you to the right. We are .8 of a mile from that point, and, for non-purists, a .3 mile return to the trail.

NOBO: We have signage directing you to the ranch approximately just before the trail intersects the large high voltage power lines coming from Hat Creek PH 2. This path runs parallel with the power lines and is approximately .3 mile to the lodge. For non-purists, you may return to the trail via our drive. .8 mile down the drive, turn left on the PCT (we have the trail marked).

SECTION HIKERS and/or FLIP FLOP: You may take the bus, train, or plane to Redding, then take the Burney Express to the Burney Post Office. We pick up mail at 9:30 each morning and can pick up passengers at that time. Please call us at 530-335-2544 to let us know we are picking up passengers. Rides are $10 per passenger.

You can send and receive USPS packages at
Burney Mountain Guest Ranch, Inc
PO Box 2588, Burney, CA 96013

OR Fed Ex and UPS packages at:
Burney Mountain Guest Ranch, Inc.
22800 Guest Ranch Road
Cassel, Ca 96016
Cost to receive packages is $5 each
Cost to send packages is USPS charges plus $3

2017: We are in the process of adding Camper Cabins which will be hostel-style bunk cabins.
-tents are welcome
Package deals:
– PCT Special: tent site, shower, laundry, pool, and breakfast for $30. Dinner may be substituted for an additional $2.
– PCT package for Bunk rooms are $63/bunk per night: This includes breakfast. (dinner may be substituted for an additional $2), 1 load of laundry washed and swimming pool access. There is one shower for 8 beds.
– PCT package in the individual rooms includes 2 breakfasts (dinner can be substituted for an additional $2 per person), 1 load of laundry and swimming pool access.
– Private room rates are
$160/night for two guests in the Bear room (King and Full bed) plus $15 per additional person;
$175/night for two guests in the Moose Room (King and Queen bed) plus $15 per additional person.

Tent Site – $15
Laundry (Goat Shed) – $3 to wash, clothesline available or dryer for $3
Showers (Goat Shed) – $4
Swimming pool (shower required) – $5
Package receipt – $5 for first 2
Package mailing – $3 plus postage
Meals: sign up in general store
$10 lunch,
$10 breakfast
General store has a variety of resupply items, cold drinks and ice cream. We are distributors for Bear Cannister, Backpackers Pantry, Mountain House, and Sawyer. These items are sold at the MSRP price.